Monday, December 18, 2006

AGLOCO Christmas Gift

Text Messaging

This is the least used method that can work. Why not text message a friend about AGLOCO, or just a reminder about AGLOCO? In advertising it is a well known fact that it takes at least 3 exposures to something before someone makes a purchase or signs up or takes a look at something. So if you are not having great success, then after the email, text them...then call them and talk about it.

Make your AGLOCO ID your EMAIL Signature



Giving presents this Christmas?

How about attaching a note about AGLOCO to them? a simple note with your id will work, as will an e-card or even a greeting card.

Run a charity?

why not get the Charity to sign up? they can get everyone that supports them to sign up under them and make money for their cause.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Ideas

Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Skype, MSN chat, Yahoo, G-talk

Most people these days have profiles in some sort of online community, if you don't you do use chat programs like Skype...

Messaging your friends on these programs and community sites is a good way to spread the word.

However you have to be nice about, and let the person know some facts; like the following

- Youtube started as a small company with no users. In a year and a half they had no revenue yet they were bought by Google for 1.6 billion dollars. A large community is valuable, if you owned a bit of youtube you would be doing rather well right now :)

- AGLOCO has just started, and if we make the community really large, we shall get the resulting value. We only spend some time on it, and thats it.

- The value in a company is not just the money they pay you to blog or play games, its mainly in the company itself. So its more valuable to own the company.

Imagine this - if AGLOCO is successful, then other companies can just give a large amount of their start-ups to AGLOCO for a ready userbase. If that company is then bought by another AGLOCO will make a ton of money and it all comes to US...thats the power of such a system!

Join now, lets grow the community...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Why I started this blog

I believe that I am a creative thinker. I became a member of agloco recently and saw that people are finding it difficult to get referrals. Since I believe that the universe works on Karma I want to share my creative ideas for getting referrals. I will try to post as many ideas as I can. Feel free to comment with your own ideas :)

Personal Emails:

This is the most obvious one. Since a lot of people have long lists of people they know - if you do you can create a powerful email that will get people interested right from the start. Here is what I use:

My dear friends,

Google became a 140 billion dollar company in a couple of years, all through ads. They bought youtube for billions and basically gave myspace 900 million dollars. Commission junction and different price comparison engines makes billions of dollars combined of people that search and shop on the internet.

What if you combined google like advertising with all the affiliate revenue into one company? how valueable could i t be? AGLOCO is doing that, but they believe that since the users of the Internet generate the money for all these companies, most of that money should go back to the users.

I like that idea, I signed up to be an agloco member, because its free and I will end making a lot of money if it is successful, and all it costs me is a few minutes of my time. I would like you to be part of my network. Click below and join, trust me, you dont want to miss this one.

Call me if you have any questions, I would love to talk to you about it.


Blog Posts:

Start a blog like I did, and then write about agloco and invite all your friends and contacts to read your blog. You can give agloco updates, your own family updates, your thoughts, have fun...always give agloco updates every couple of days and you can get a ton of referrals that way.

Post on online community sites:

There are tons of community sites, myspace, bebo, eons, etc etc. post about agloco on them. Join community news sites and write about agloco and why you belive it.

Post a Video

Why not post a video on youtube or veoh or any other video site, it could be a dancing puppet or even you dancing ;) and have a link to agloco on it with your referral id

Post a flyer in a cafe near you

Job ads and roomate ads are everywhere, why not pring a flyer with those little pieces that people can take away at the bottom and put your agloco id on may lose some referrals but if you dont do it you will not gain any....

Send an online card to everyone you know

Send a e-card to everyone you know saying hello and mentioning agloco...who does not like receiving cards?

creative eh :)

more to come...